Coach me as a person

Coach me as a person

It is not always easy to change things in your life, to take up a challenge, or to let go of familiar patterns. Do you find it difficult to say no or do you sometimes have the feeling that people don't respect your opinion or feelings? Maybe you find it difficult to express yourself and to explain clearly what you stand for. 

Maybe you don't understand your own reactions or have difficulties in controlling your emotions. You often feel tired and washed out. You dread things that used to be easy for you. Do you make a mountain out of a mole-hill? Or do you simply think 'what's next?'? People Matter(s) can certainly help you. 

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  • I contacted Liesbeth because I didn't know how to develop my career and worried about the future. We got along very well as from the start. The open discussions and exercises helped me to rediscover my talents. We updated my CV and wrote some application letters. The labour market offered more possibilities than I expected. The result: next month I pick up a very nice and exciting challenge in a new job! Thank you for the coaching!


  • Hesitating and impressed by my burnout I ended up with you. I had the feeling that my future had become 'misty' (unclear). With your questions, analyses and insights I started to find out who I was: what do I like to do? What gives me energy? What am I good at? And what is important to me? After a while "my fog” brightened up. I got more understanding about my talents, but also about my pitfalls, which had driven me so far. Our conversations were relaxed but also confronting, sometimes emotional but always professional. Your way of working was effective and also with a lot of sympathy. I felt like coming home with you and you gave me the strength to make decisions about my future. I have learned that it's never too late to realise other dreams. Thanks for your warm, personal but effective approach, for listening and your objective vision.