Career coaching

Coach me as an employee

Change is a permanent factor in our professional life. We are constantly on the move and sometimes feel very highly pressured. 

Are you working on your professional development? Would you like to make a career switch or are you growing towards a new role? People Matter(s) can advise you with all these issues. I can help you to develop and better use your talents in an individual coaching program. Contact me for a first conversation.


  • Your coaching is in line with your personality: dynamic and extremely correct. You make us become conscious of our barriers, our areas of development and our strengths very quickly. Your wide experience leads us straight to the essence and your tips and remarks guide us efficiently. Sometimes surprised, sometimes amused (because Liesbeth isn't often upset), on other moments emotional, enriched and/or confused by your observations. As you manoeuvre people with great intelligence and feeling, it is impossible to remain indifferent towards your guidance. It works perfectly for me. Thanks for your honesty, your respectful sincerity and your dynamism, which leads to instructive and amusing exchanges. In short, a real pleasure to be in your company!


  • After a long period of working with a lot of stress and without energy, I decided to start career coaching, hoping to find an answer to all my questions. After a couple of pleasant conversations, I started to realise that my job wasn't the right one for me. Step by step Liesbeth and I found out in which job I could find energy, pleasure and enough self confidence. I finally took the decision to change jobs. I feel so grateful and happy about this! I now realise that you can find the right job with pleasure and a lot of energy. Thanks Liesbeth!