Although People Matter(s) does not see coaching as a kind of therapy, it is not just a chat either. The conversations between the coach and coachee have a clear objective, namely the development and optimalisation of talent. Gaining insight into our own behaviour and communication enables us to break through and change negative thoughts or patterns.

A coach helps and motivates his/her coachee by creating awareness and supporting them with the implementation of their decision or change. After all these years, I still enjoy working in human resources, working with people. I am motivated by defining objectives together, by obtaining results, by watching people grow and develop their talents. Starting this learning process together with each and every coachee is what inspires me.

In my coaching I use several methods, such as MBTI to define personality preferences, as well as NLP and RET to break through patterns and thoughts in order to create change and growth.

Peggy Janssens, Microsoft

  • Because of her broad professional experience in a multinational, collaborating with a variety of PME's, Liesbeth offers many assets in her coaching. She has a clear view on how important people are within the company. Her experience enables her to detect your talents very quickly and to provide you with the correct advice in order to develop these talents, whether it is as an individual or an organisation.

Annick, lawyer

  • The sessions with Liesbeth gave me more insight in what's important to me in my professional life. This resulted in a conscious step towards a career change. Liesbeth's coaching is very professional and also fun. Liesbeth is a nice, intelligent personnality, who understands straight away what it is about. After every coaching session I felt supported in my new project. Thanks Liesbeth!