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Coach my startup

"People Matter(s) helps you to make the next step for your startup"

Have you founded your own business recently? Do you want to make decisions, but you don't know where to start? Founding or growing your startup creates new questions. People Matter(s) can help you to make things clear in order to make the right choices and to recruit interesting profiles for your business. 

Coach me as an employee

“People Matter(s) guides you with your goals and career”

Reorganisations, promotions, economic crisis, our professional life is constantly on the move. Whether you have a career issue, are changing to a new role or think it's time to make a career switch. People Matter(s) can advise you on these issues.

Coach my personnel

“People Matter(s) helps you to coach your employees and HR”

Do you want to assess the talents and learning points of your employees? Do you feel that they could perform better? Would you like to coach them in their development? People Matter(s) coaches individual employees and teams.

Welcome to People Matter(s)

My name is Liesbeth van Traa. After working for a couple of years in marketing and training in several multinationals, I decided to make a career switch to Human Resources. I started my own company People Matter(s) in 2003. Ever since then, I have worked as a senior HR consultant, recruiter, trainer and coach for startups and organisations in both the profit and non-profit sector.

To acquire more in-depth knowledge I have attended many training courses, such as MBTI, NLP Master Practitioner, RET, Neurocognitivism and assessment methods and have obtained the corresponding certificates. 

I am flexible in terms of hours and locations, as well as languages. I can adapt according to my customers needs and wishes. I work at my customer's office, but also work remote (via MS Teams).

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Isabelle Hoebrechts, Institute of NeuroCognitivism

  • Liesbeth has always been an inspiring person to me with lots of talents, but also lots of feeling and intuition. She is a no nonsense girl, says what she does and does what she says. I have always enjoyed working with her and still have the pleasure of completing projects with her. I really appreciate her clear communication. A nice thing to know about Liesbeth is that she has a great sens of humour and is good at putting things into perspective! She is a woman after my own heart, honest and correct and always developing herself and others!


  • The sessions with you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I can finally be myself. I cannot point out what exactly happened and how it happened, but I am much more self-aware, have clearly drawn lines, have made important decisions and feel so much better than before. It is now clear to myself and to others who I am and what I stand for.