Because People Matter(s)!

Because People Matter(s)!

People Matter(s)

More than 15 years ago I chose this name for my company. People Matter(s), people and their matters are important. My objective was - and still is - to help people improve in their professional life. 

Human capital is the most important asset

Whether it is in your role as an employee, employer or if you want to start your own business, People Matter(s) can help you with the achievement of your professional goals and projects. This means that we can help you to start or grow your business, to discover and use your talents and potential, but also to streamline the HR of your company.

People Matter(s) stands for:

  • personal contact
  • tailor made advice
  • flexibility
  • broad experience in Human Resources

Because People Matter(s)! 

Patrick Borgions, Box-Office

  • I had the pleasure of meeting you during the NLP course that we both attended and we became friends. You combine better than anyone the Belgian way of enjoying life with your Dutch roots that stand for your direct way of communicating and openness. Besides you are a good and empathetic listener. You are very quick and competent in assessing people and situations. Thanks to your wealth of experience you are able to explain things in a clear and simple way and bring it down to its essence. Solutions will then pop up automatically. Professional, strong, direct, very efficient with flair and a smile. If I need a coach I know who to go to!


  • Your coaching is in line with your personality: dynamic and extremely correct. You make us become conscious of our barriers, our areas of development and our strengths very quickly. Your wide experience leads us straight to the essence and your tips and remarks guide us efficiently. Sometimes surprised, sometimes amused (because Liesbeth isn't often upset), on other moments emotional, enriched and/or confused by your observations. As you manoeuvre people with great intelligence and feeling, it is impossible to remain indifferent towards your guidance. It works perfectly for me. Thanks for your honesty, your respectful sincerity and your dynamism, which leads to instructive and amusing exchanges. In short, a real pleasure to be in your company!